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Why Choose Us.

League Street Staffing Group, Inc. is a woman-owned Recruiting and Employment Firm. League Street was named in honor of a street located in a Mill Village in Upstate South Carolina that Jaime and Stephanie grew up on as childhood friends. Both Jaime and Stephanie’s fathers worked in the construction industry and as they grew up, it was expected that they both work in the family’s construction businesses and learn the value of hard work, money, and calloused hands. How better to pay tribute to our country’s long mantra that hard work paves the way to the American dream than to start a staffing firm that puts people in our communities to work with companies that appreciate the contribution each employee makes to their success.

From the beginning, Jaime and Stephanie decided they would do staffing differently. League Street has four distinct divisions, Industrial/Craft Construction, Light Industrial/Manufacturing, Transportation/Logistics, and Administrative.  The recruiter’s niche expertise in each division ensures League Street can provide skilled talent to our clients in temp-to-perm positions, long-term temporary positions, and permanent placements. With over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, League Street uses a focused industry approach. They are committed to matching our client companies to the top talent available from the growing network of over 100,000 candidates. League Street is equally committed to helping talented job seekers locate the position that is best suited for their unique talents and needs, ensuring League Street contributes meaningfully to their clients, employees, and the community’s ability to reach their maximum potential.